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Frequently asked questions

1. How is Vertoz different from other ad networks?
Vertoz’s dedicated engineering team keeps introducing next-generation ad formats to increase revenue by 10 – 30x compared to other traditional ad networks. Our publishers earn significantly higher CPMs than most of our competitors. We use a variety of innovative ad formats to enhance the CTRs on a particular web property. Start earning consistent high advertising revenue through our best monetized programmatic plex.

2. Why should I introduce Vertoz to my visitors rather than introducing them to other ad networks?
Here is a synopsis of who we are and what we do, for you to share with your visitors:

Vertoz is a leading programmatic company that offers engaging and innovative advertising and monetizing solutions. Our ingenious plex, proprietary technology and advanced capabilities empower a global roster of top advertisers and publishers all under one roof.

We monetize traffic from all verticals and geographies to ensure the best ROI for our customers. Our high flying traits include premium traffic quality, precise targeting, real-time tracking and detailed analytics. Our experienced Account Specialists and AdOps team outstandingly execute and implement advanced monetizing solutions tailored for each client.

3. Can I run ad campaigns other than Vertoz on my website?
Yes, you can! If you are running campaigns with PubMatic, AdSense, Gum Gum, Burst Media, ZEDO, AdMarketPlace,, AdKnowledge, Vdopia, DoubleClick, or any other ad network, you can still run ad campaigns with Vertoz. As a matter of fact, more than 95% of our publishers are running Vertoz ads with other ad networks with no problem at all!

4. How can I increase my earnings?
The earning rates vary significantly between publishers and are affected by numerous factors. Your earnings are based on the pricing for each ad campaign and the number of campaigns you select to fill your inventory. Other factors, such as the geographic and demographic location of your visitors, the number of views plus total page views, and your overall traffic levels can determine your overall revenue potential. There are constant changes in the market conditions for pricing. Therefore, for further information, please contact us ( to know more about current prices and conditions.

5. How different are you from Google AdSense?
Vertoz is an ingenious programmatic plex. Yes, we stand-out when it comes to Google Adsense! Along with it, we brush our shoulder with YuMe, Inmobi, MariMedia, Appnext, SmartyAds, Smaato, Brightroll and Clicksor. Vertoz is successfully working with more than 10,000 premium publishers across all verticals, with more than a billion impressions to monetize on a daily basis.

6. How are ad frauds detected?
At Vertoz we are committed to maintain a high-quality advertising environment for the sake of our advertisers as well as our publishers and web users worldwide. We use advanced fraud detection methods and have joined hands with Forensiq to make sure that all interaction with Vertoz ads is legitimate. For security purposes, we cannot disclose further detailed information about our fraud criteria or our fraud detection tools.

7. What type of advertising do you offer?
At Vertoz you can opt for innumerable ingenious display advertising for desktop, mobile, video and search (XML) feed.

8. Are there similar ad networks like Vertoz?
Yes, there are conventional ad networks like Chitika, Sovrn,, Outbrain, AppNexus, Conversant, Taboola, HarrenMedia and Vserv among others. However, unlike most of the other players out there, Vertoz is uniquely positioned to offer you display, mobile, video and text ads and presents the most optimum advertiser, at all times.

9. Which are the ad formats available?
We offer you a whole range of ad formats. Whether it’s mobile ad units via JS and SDK, video ad units, native ads, or rich media ads. Vertoz is a one stop shop for you! We have a variety of IAB sizes to offer for mobile and desktop.

10. What are my payment options?
Other than ad networks like, MobFox, Komli, Infolinks, PulsePoint or Exponential, Vertoz is a unique programmatic plex that computes revenue based on website visitor engagement. Our extended variety of products, advertisers and campaigns ensure the best revenue generated by views and clicks. The payments are made via PayPal and Wire Transfer.